Smart Home Tech Tejesh Kodali

If you’ve always wanted a futuristic home full of automated controls and robotic features, the future is now. Smart homes are becoming easier to attain and there are plenty of options on the market. Once you upgrade your house, you’ll realize how much more efficient it is to utilize smart technology in your home. It’s also not something you have to do all at once; you can take your time in purchasing smart devices and gradually getting used to them. Converting your home into a digitally automated dream house will be easy and satisfying with these three pieces of smart tech.

Lifx Mini Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

Regular light bulbs are boring. They emit one shade of light and must be controlled manually. Additionally, unless they’re LED, they consume an excessive amount of energy. If you want to try something different and modern, purchase a Lifx Mini light bulb. They fit into any standard size light socket, whether it’s in a light fixture on the wall or a lamp. They can also emit 16 million different colors that are controllable via an application on your smartphone. The Lifx Mini is a smart bulb which means that its various other functions are also controlled digitally. It can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and is fully capable of being integrated into your other smart home devices.

Amazon Echo

The ultimate device for home automation, the Amazon Echo appears to be a simple speaker system at first glance. While this role is one of its most obvious functions, it can do so much more than simply play music. The Amazon Echo connects with Amazon’s smart network, known as Alexa. You can provide Amazon Echo with vocal commands to do internet searches, provide you with sports lineups, answer your questions, give you weather forecasts and updates, control your Amazon Fire TV, and connect to your other compatible automated home devices that control your lights, security system, garage doors, fans, and thermostat. Amazon Echo truly puts every aspect of your home within your reach with simple voice commands.

Nest Hello

You don’t have to wonder who’s ringing your doorbell with the Nest Hello smart doorbell device. This small electronic device is installed as a doorbell button on the front of your home. It possesses a high definition camera and provides you with 24/7 streaming. This streaming can be accessed anytime and anywhere using your smartphone so you can keep an eye on the front of your home remotely. You will have a 160° field of vision from the camera which allows you to see visitors and any packages that may be scheduled to arrive when you aren’t home.