Technology isn’t just the future; it is the now. Technology is used to an extreme degree in nearly every industry today. Nothing is the same as it was 20 years ago. Record keeping, logistics, and a variety of other parts required to run a business are done completely on computers or other devices. These uses just a few of the reasons why technology integration is so important. Specifically, technology should be integrated into schools so children have an advantage when it comes to tech literacy.

They’re going to need to learn eventually

Technology is already a huge part of children’s lives. Kids are no longer playing with toys; they are playing on iPads and gaming consoles. Even children that aren’t school age are playing games on tablets. They take to new tech faster than most adults.

Schools need to think beyond computers. Computers are still a great learning tool; however, recent advances have made even computers obsolete in some workplaces. For example, dock workers are using devices that resemble phones to log in shipping containers; they can perform their entire routine without employing a full size desktop. Schools that only have computers could be leaving their students behind.

Having this technology in schools isn’t enough. Classes must be held specifically to teach children how to use newer technology. This goal means more basic computer classes, advanced computer classes, and classes that teach how to use the mobile version of Excel and other important programs.

Assist those with disadvantages

Economically disadvantaged students are particularly benefited from this way of teaching. School may be the only place these students have access to such devices, meaning that they will be behind other students when it comes to technology if schools do not do their part to teach all students how to use modern technology. Without tech education in schools, these students will be at a disadvantage when they enter the workforce.

Helps teachers

Technology also benefits the teachers; although, it does change their roles a little bit. Teachers will not be directly monitoring a student’s work in these classes. A teacher will go from directly teaching students to guiding them on their own path of learning. This method of learning means teachers will have more time for students that are falling behind, allowing the programming to teach the rest of the class.

The Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology has a considerable amount of evidence that says that technology affects students in a positive manner. They found that using technology in schools increased problem solving skills, content area learning, and better prepares students for the workforce.