Secure Smart Home Tejesh Kodali

The number of smart devices in the average home is growing at an incredible rate, but while these devices make life more convenient, they can also make your home more vulnerable to hackers who manage to make their way onto your network. If you want the best that smart technology has to offer, consider these four tips to keeping your smart home safe and secure.

Keep your gadgets updated

Unlike a computer that updates Windows automatically as long as it is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the software on most of your devices needs to be updated manually. This task might sound like a big hassle, but it helps keep everything more secure and prevent data breaches. Look at the manuals of your devices if you’re not sure how to install new updates.

Disconnect from the internet

Not all of the smart devices need to be connected to the internet to work, but they often are connected as part of their default setting. As a rule, keep everything that doesn’t require an internet connection offline whenever you can. If something does need to be connected to the internet, check to make sure that you have all the necessary privacy settings in place before doing so.

Buy good quality devices

Buying the most expensive and reputable brands on the market won’t guarantee safety for your home, but it is far better than paying for cheaper off-brand devices that could completely lack security measures. Brands such as Samsung and LG will be quicker to release updates and take care of any vulnerabilities in their devices, so don’t hesitate to spend more on your smart home, in the beginning, to set up a secure network.

Check your router

If there is just one security vulnerability in your smart home, it’s probably in your wireless router. Your router is the gateway to all of your smart devices, so make sure it’s locked down as tightly as possible. Use a secured Wi-Fi network with a strong password, and make sure that you keep it updated with the latest firmware.

As you can see, keeping your smart home secure is relatively simple. All of these tips are easy to follow, and most of them should be common sense in this day and age, but they do require your due diligence. It may be nice to have an automated smart home, but don’t think that it doesn’t require at least a little bit of work if you want it to stay safe.