Working remotely has increased in popularity and opportunity in the past years. It is great to be able to create a personal work schedule, save productive hours by not traveling or getting stuck in traffic, and just having more time to enjoy one’s own home and family. For those that want to expand their remote working career, there are some resources that can enhance their working experience with more opportunities. Here are a few of them that can help you launch your remote working career.

Remote working sites

One of the most popular sites for this is This site has job listings for programmers, designers, marketing specialists, copywriters, and many other job categories. The job listings for each category are piling up every day and e-mails can alert members when new jobs are added for their specialty. is a job listing site that has jobs for software developers, marketing agents, English teachers, as well as tips for remote work. New work is posted daily. is another site for jobs in human resources, sales, support, education, and many others. The best part of this site is the listings that are fitted to particular time zones. is a site for designers, developers, product managers, sales, and various other categories.

This site is a great informative site for remote workers that shows the most remote work-friendly cities in the world. It rates cities by various categories like internet availability, Airbnb flats, mobility, nightlife, culture, and many other factors.

Another part of this site is the ability to find reviews and statistics of certain sites, connect with other remote workers there, and join an informative forum of like-minded remote workers from a particular city. These details all help you decide where to go to live when deciding to make the most of your time doing remote work.


This site has a list of places nearby where you can work remotely. The only thing needed is to enter the city name, state, or the zip code to find remote work-friendly spaces, cafes, and other free internet spots. There are usually pictures of the physical places that allows you to decide which location you want to use before having to go there.


There are plenty of podcasts for people who want to work remotely with resources, tips, and other useful information. Such podcasts are Modern Work with Catherine Conway, 21st Century Work Life by Pilar Orti, and Yonder with Jeff Robbins.


This site can help with things that remote workers do not initially think about. It could be things as simple as freelance opportunities, taxes, and work visas. This is also a site that is meant to provide a place to connect with fellow nomad workers.