Choosing what computer is best for you is an important step in anyone’s life. No matter what your job or hobbies are, you’ll likely need a computer at some point. Determining what you will be using the computer for is key in finding the best fit for you. Some people simply need computers to answer work emails while others want their computers to be able to run the latest games on the highest settings. Fortunately, we have a list of computers that will suit you depending on your specific needs.

For the Business Owner: HP Elitebook 840 G5

If you are looking for something that is portable, stylish, and has a decent battery life, the HP Elitebook 840 G5 is the laptop for you. The aluminum notebook is attractive and packs an eye-opening 1080p privacy screen that keeps your information safe from prying eyes whenever you are out in public. It utilizes a Core i7 processor that gives your computer the speed it needs to get the job done. It has 16GB of RAM to help programs process faster. This wonderful laptop is available for $2,295 and should be considered by all serious business owners who are looking to enhance the way that they work on a daily basis. If you need to use a computer each day and run most of your business using that computer, the Elitebook is certainly one to consider.

For the Gamer: Alienware Aurora R7

Whether you want to get into streaming on Twitch or playing a competitive shooter at the highest level of play, you need the best computer on the market to help enhance your game. The Alienware Aurora R7 comes pre-built with an Intel Core i7 and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050ti. You have an option to include 8GB – 64GB of RAM. The Aurora comes with 1TB HDD of storage to help you keep up with all of your games that you have downloaded. The computer is easily customizable and can be upgraded at your convenience. This computer is a must-have for serious gamers looking to take their game to the next level.

Honorable Mention: Lenovo Yoga 2-in-1 4k Touchscreen

This laptop is perfect for artists looking to enhance their work with the right computer. It is versatile, stylish, and has many features that artists will find appealing when they are searching for a laptop that suits their needs. It comes with an Intel Core i7 to help them run various programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. If you want to be able to create and edit your art on a great laptop, this computer is for you.