Smart cars have increased in popularity over the last few years. These compact cars are becoming a great alternative to traditional, larger cars, especially as more people make longer commutes. In order to understand these cars better and make a decision on whether to purchase one, here are the pros and cons that come with them; read this list and do your own research to determine if these cars fit your lifestyle.

Pros of Smart cars:

Small size

The most obvious advantage of a Smart car is the small size. It is easy to maneuver through small spaces in crowded city streets. Smart cars can be parked in small parking spaces between cars. Parking in such spaces would be impossible for a normal car. If you live or work in a busy city, a Smart car could be a great option when it comes to navigating those streets.

Low noise

Smart cars are quieter than other cars. The noise in the streets is reduced when there are more Smart cars around, lessening the amount of noise pollution. If there are more Smart cars in the city, it will be much more quiet and peaceful in busy cities and suburbs.

Lower Pollution

Smart cars use less fuel than normal-sized vehicles. If the Smart car is also a hybrid, it is even better for the environment since it also reduces fuel use by partially substituting it with electricity. Because Smart cars are considered eco-friendly vehicles, many stores and buildings offer special parking spaces for them.

Cons of Smart cars:

Small Size

What was a pro on one side, is a disadvantage on another. The two seats allow the driver to take only one person with them. The small luggage space is also not practical for people who need to transfer larger items in their vehicles.

Less Safe

Because of its small size, the risk of injury for the driver and passenger are greater than with a standard car in a Smart car. While this risk varies depending on where and how far you drive, it’s still something to take into consideration.


For some people, the design of the Smart car is not appealing. You may be partial to a particular body style of car or wish for more kick in your vehicle.

A matter of choice

Whatever the choice of car, it is up to the driver to do their research and know all the details about Smart cars. After all — the only opinion that matters, in the end, is that of the car owner.